Severe bunion
The human foot is a wonderful creation. It has 26 bones each along with numerous muscles, tendons & ligaments designed to adjust to ever changing terrain. Having strong healthy feet is essential to proper posture & body support. Without proper foot support, problems can arise with the ankle, knee, hips and/or back.

  Walking on modern day hard surfaces can create various
problems. It takes away the varied terrain the foot was created for. As a result, the muscles, tendons, bones & ligaments can grow weak making them unable to provide the proper support. This can lead to bunions, hammertoes, Plantar Fasciitis (heel spurs), ankle instability & other issues.

Throughout your life, your foot size changes so it important to be properly fit each time you purchase footwear. Depending on your foot & arch type, we will recommend different shoes & or orthotics for you. It's best to be evaluated by a professional to determine the proper footwear for you.

Hammer Toes
7/12/2016 02:06:20 pm

Haha. After reading your post and seeing your images, I finished to understand how important it is to get the right foot wear.


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